Work cover: if you want to lodge a claim through work cover, our reception staff will give you a work cover form which you need to complete, and then take to your employer for them to sign it, accepting the claim.

Payments for the consultations will need to be made by YOU, until we have the authority from your employer. Once this authority has been obtained, your employer should reimburse you for any of the consultations you have already paid. We will then start billing your employer direct.

During business hours, if the reception staff can obtain the authority over the phone from your employer, we will send the accounts directly to them.

TAC: If you want to lodge a claim with TAC, please note that you need to reach an excess of $623.00, before we can start billing directly to TAC.

Your consultations will be put through to Medicare with a note “TAC RELATED” until your excess has been reached. You need to hold on to your copies, so you can send through to TAC.

Once the excess of $623.00 has been reached, we can then send the accounts directly to TAC.

February 11, 2019