Flu vaccination program runs from March to June each year when influenza is at its peak. Viruses tend to spread easily in those industries with high levels of human contact. Annual vaccinations are essential to combat various strains of influenza which present each season.

Does the vaccination have side-effects?

–        You cannot get influenza from the influenza vaccination

–        Influenza vaccine is generally well tolerated.

–        The most common reaction is soreness around the infection area,

occasionally fever and body aches

–        Influenza vaccine is not suitable for individuals with a severe egg

or egg product allergy.

–        Highly indicated in people with chronic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension.

Vaccinations take approximately 2 weeks to impact immunity and generally protect the individual for between six months and a year.

People at high risk

65 years and over: have the highest risk of complications associated with seasonal flu.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People from 15 years of age are eligible for free flu vaccination as respiratory diseases are major causes of preventable  sickness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Pregnant women: The flu vaccine is recommended for pregnant women and can be safely given during any stage of pregnancy.  Pregnant women are at a higher risk of severe complications associated with the flu virus.  Vaccinating against flu during pregnancy also provides protection for the baby during their first vulnerable months of life.

Medically at risk: People with some existing medical conditions are at increased risk of complications from flu.  These include anyone who is over 6 months of age and has:

• heart disease

• severe asthma

• chronic lung condition

• chronic illness requiring medical follow up or hospitalisation in the past year

• diseases of the nervous system

• impaired immunity

• diabetes

The product information is readily accessible at www.csl.com.au.

A full and comprehensive advice is available at www.immunise.health.gov.au

June 19, 2018